What good is God 32

This fascinating and challenging book on global sustainability contains a series of contributions made by Christians who are experts in their fields. Chapters include: ‘Disasters: Natural or Unnatural?’, ‘Disasters, Injustice, and the Goodness of Creation’, ‘What Good is God?’. The penultimate chapter deals with the global and environmental issues related to climate change. And the last chapter attempts to give a Christian perspective on the current global pandemic.

The approach from these authors is always reasoned and measured. You won’t find any unhelpful or over optimistic hyperbole. The clear and consistent thought throughout the book is that we shouldn’t be so quick to scapegoat God for disasters that are part of the natural order of living on earth. Humans, it seems, play a much larger part in what we misguidedly term ‘natural disasters’ than we care to admit. We should be prayerfully and practically proactive in looking after the creation that God pronounced to be good.