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    The Church is failing single people - here’s 3 things we can do about it


    Paul wasn’t married and neither was Jesus, so why do two thirds of Christians say they feel getting married is expected of them? And what can we do about it?

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    How the Methodist Church changed its mind on online communion


    The Methodist Church has overwhelmingly voted to overturn its ban on online communion. Dr Pete Phillips, who believes online church is just as ‘real’ as meeting in buildings, and has pioneered the term ‘hybrid church’, welcomes the news

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    Christine Caine: The prolific evangelist and activist isn’t slowing down yet


    There is an honesty about Christine Caine that is rare in high-profile leaders. When the bestselling author, internationally acclaimed speaker and leader of multiple international organisations appears on our morning Zoom call, she is straight off the treadmill, laughing and apologising for her appearance in a sorry-not-sorry way that epitomises ...

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    Direct Action: Is it ever OK for a Christian to break the law?


    Hundreds of Glaswegians surround an immigration enforcement van, defying the authorities, demanding that the people inside be allowed to return to their homes. The crowd chants: “These are our neighbours!” To some, it’s a scene of biblical obedience to Jesus’ message in the parable of the ...

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    The Diary of Isabella M Smugge - Ruth Leigh


    The Diary of Isabella M Smugge is a book best described as ‘Christian chicklit’, a relatively unexplored genre. In the opening pages, social media influencer and socialite Isabella tells the story of her move from London to the countryside, determined to bring some relatability to her ...

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    The Treasures of English Churches - Matthew Byrne


    Matthew Byrne’s knowledge of English churches is unmatched. With his own beautiful photographic portraits throughout, he illustrates why the architecture and art of England’s churches is crucial in understanding the history of Christianity in the nation. With simple, descriptive and concise prose, he examines a diverse ...

  • July-Review-PreyTell

    Prey Tell - Tiffany Bluhm


    Having spent the best part of the history of humanity ignoring the issues around rape, sexual assault and the subjugation of women, the world has finally kicked into gear. Prey Tell is marketed predominantly on Tiffany Bluhm’s personal experience of the topics at hand but don’t ...

  • July-Review-GodAboveAll

    God Above All - Steven Watts


    Saint Augustine (AD354-430) is one of the most influential Christian thinkers of all time. Even if you’ve never read him, you’ve almost certainly heard modern preachers quote him – the most famous example being: “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they ...

  • July-Review-BurningBones

    A Burning In My Bones - Winn Collier


    The authenticity of Eugene Peterson’s walk with God is what makes this book so compelling. He had all the struggles and temptations common to man, yet an inner, burning desire for God and a long obedience to him. Winn Collier was given free access to Peterson’s prayer ...

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    I see you


    It happened during an evening spent in the home of a family from our church. Craig and Andrea are missionaries serving on the campus of Colorado State University. Their commitment is impressive, their home often crammed full of students. Their daughter, Zoe, is a little lady with ...

  • IanYates

    Ian Yates: My 8 favourite songs


    The Liverpudlian worship leader and songwriter shares the songs he is currently loving

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    What is the Kingdom of Heaven?


    Lois Tverberg reflects on what Jesus meant when he spoke about the kingdom

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    Do you believe in fasting?


    Q: I’ve been told that a ‘breakthrough fast’ is a way of getting results in prayer. Do you believe in fasting? And can it give our prayers more power? I’m not an expert on fasting either in theory or in practice. If you could see me, you ...

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    We can do better than Starbucks worship


    Illustration: Flix Gillett I like Starbucks. I like the way I can be on literally any street, in any major city on planet Earth and know that there is a ready supply of reliably average coffee and baked goods just around the corner. But I don’t ...

  • ThisMyStory-Jim

    From faith to unbelief…and back again


    Jim Thring became a Christian as a young adult. He then lost his faith and spent nearly ten years as a committed atheist. He explains what brought him back

  • CS-Lewis
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    The Christian faith of CS Lewis


    CS Lewis’ books communicate some of the most profound truths of the Christian faith in a way that all can understand, and remain classics to this day, says Alister McGrath

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    ‘He sets the lonely in families’ - the rise of Christian adoption


    Christians are twice as likely to adopt than the general population, but thousands of children are still in need of a safe, stable home. Emma Fowle explains how every Christian can help create an environment where children can thrive

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    8 Christian Olympians to watch in Tokyo


    Here’s what 8 top Olympians have said about their Christian faith 

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    Meet the Christian Olympians heading to Tokyo


    Speaking ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, some of the world’s top athletes share how sport has helped them in their Christian faith

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    3 ways to choose joy when your world is turned upside down


    If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that change is unavoidable. Sarah Yardley shares her top tips on choosing joy regardless