The evacuation was nearly thwarted, but God had a plan, reports a Christian charity helping to rescue Christians from the Taliban


Source: HTP

Since the American withdrawal from Afghanistan almost three months ago, persecuted believers left behind have been desperately seeking rescue. We have heard many heart-rending stories from daughters, fathers, elderly pastors and young men who are afraid for their lives—all of them pleading to be evacuated by anyone who will listen.

We have now safely evacuated more than 750 people from Afghanistan

Help The Persecuted is one of a handful of organisations who are working tirelessly to safely extract these brothers and sisters from the violent and merciless Taliban rule in their country. We have been delivering critical help to those still trapped inside, offering temporary safe housing and working to identify, document and secure flights for countless persecuted Afghans.

Stories of pain



Source: HTP

Farida, a Christian convert whose desperate voicemail reached our team several weeks ago, spoke barely above a whisper. She shared how her father had been kidnapped and imprisoned by the Taliban, and she and her family were frightened and desperate.

Sayeda, another Christian woman, told us of her horrific experiences since the Taliban took control. Her father was killed, she was raped and her mother subsequently died of a heart attack brought on by the stress of the attacks on her family.


After working around the clock for days and weeks, our team received great news: the flights had been secured and manifests were cleared for hundreds of our family members to evacuate Afghanistan. But just hours before departure, we received the devastating news that our flights had been blocked.

Sharing this news with hopeful, expectant families was painful and difficult. It meant sending many anxious people back home to await our call regarding next steps. And for the hundreds who were now homeless, it meant moving to another temporary safe house location.

God’s perfect timing

But we thank God for his perfect timing which, often, we don’t understand until we look back with hindsight. We’ve heard encouraging reports from this enforced delay. One of our partners in Afghanistan shared that those who were unbelievers among the group continued to ask questions and receive Bibles. One man said: “Your religion is a good religion, there is no oppression, there is kindness.” God wastes nothing and, through this time of uncertainty, we saw him use our team, and other believers, to testify to his goodness and salvation.

Your religion is a good religion, there is no oppression, there is kindness

We are grateful to report that our chartered flights did eventually receive clearance and that, in total, we have now safely evacuated more than 750 people, including many persecuted Christians, from Afghanistan.

The prayers and support of Christians around the world have been invaluable throughout this time. They have literally saved lives. We praise God for the hundreds of Afghans that Help The Persecuted has been able to rescue. They still face an uncertain future, yet they are so grateful.