In her sixth non-fiction title, BIble teacher Jennie Allen continues her journey into the world of Christian pop-psychology.

Best known as the founder of global women’s ministry, IF:Gathering, Allen begun her career writing Bible studies, and became known for her chatty, personable style. Over the years, her books have tackled purpose, priorities, friendships, identity and our thought lives.

In her latest offering, Allen seeks to bring a Christian perspective to our emotions, arguing that the Church has not always offered a great theology of feelings, or what we should do with them. More comfortable with suggesting practical solutions to problems, Allen writes about her initial discomfort with acknowledging and accepting her own feelings, having to consciously choose not to evade, manage or downplay them.

Allen’s writing deftly weaves together personal anecdote, scripture and scientific thought into a readable, thought-provoking book that offers explanation, insight and space to reflect. Aimed at both those who “feel all the feels” and those who are used to pushing it all down inside, Allen argues that God created emotions for a reason – and it’s time for us to rediscover the joy in that.

star four