The name Michael Panther will linger in your mind long after you have finished his autobiography. Born in South Sudan, Michael was surrounded by war and conflict from birth. He was just three years old when his family, who instilled a deep Christian faith in him, were forced to flee. 

On top of the effects of displacement and famine, Michael was consumed by pain and paralysis in his legs. But his perseverance, grit and trust in God is inspiring. He has come to terms with his disability and his honesty is refreshing: “At the end of this book, you find me still in a wheelchair, yet full of the grace and favour of God”, he writes. 

His life experiences led him to start Living With Hope, a charity that provides disabled African children with wheelchairs. As Michael writes: “In most cases, the family of a disabled child will try to hide him or her away from the community. It is my prayer that God will use me to help these people…Our goal is to reach and train African people with disabilities to have skills that will help them achieve their highest God-given potential.”