It’s the AI software everyone is talking about. It can write essays, impersonate famous people and even give you personalised poetry. But can Chat GPT offer any of its millions of users spiritual wisdom? Our editor put the machine to the test


The artificial intelligence (AI) software Chat GPT has been taking the world by storm.

Haven’t heard of it? Well we could explain. But it’s easier to ask the robot…


This free system is widely considered to be the biggest step forward in AI in years. Like most advances in technology, there’s been plenty of fear and concern about how this new tool might be used or misused (see more on the ethics of AI here). 

The implications are enormous…

To take just one tiny example, some teachers are declaring the era of the homework essay to be over (cue cries of ‘freedom!’ from teenagers everywhere). After all, if Chat GPT can write a brilliant essay (and it can), most educators won’t be able to tell when pupils try and pass off AI essays as their own.   

Our colleagues at Premier Unbelievable? recently asked Chat GPT write an article. It did a suprisingly good job. The article read as if a real person had written it. No one spotted it had been generated by AI. 

Knowledge is one thing (and having swallowed most of the internet, Chat GPT does know a lot). But surely, this robot has little spiritual wisdom to offer? 

We decided to put it to the test. 

I started with a moderately difficult question. The answers came in seconds:


Not bad…

But can it lead someone to Christ?


One can quibble with the details, but overall that’s a phenomenal explanation of what most Christians believe.

Let’s take it one step further. How will Chat GPT handle pastoral issues?


I’ve been a Christian long enough to know that above answer is scarily similar to what the average church-going Christian might say. So again, another tick for Chat GPT.

But surely I can catch it out? It’s just a machine after all. 

Let’s throw it one of the biggest theological mysteries of all:


Top marks for theological accuracy! 

OK let’s really put it through its paces. One last test. Surely it won’t manage this request.

Here’s what I asked it:

I’ve been asked to share a 2 minute thought on John 1:1 at my church small group this week. Can you write a script for me? Please include an analogy based around Yorkshire Cricket Club


It even prayed. I didn’t think to ask it to pray…

It’s official. This chatbot is more spiritual than I am. 

Try it for yourself at