“Write a book and show people how to speak to me.” This was the message received by Teresa O’Driscoll during lockdown in 2020. The result is a book that is designed to enhance your prayer life, penned by an author with 20 years’ experience of leading prayer groups. 

Using language that is simple without being dumbed down, Pray then Listen is a succinct guide to prayer. It incorporates personal testimony alongside an encouragement to engage in regular dialogue with our heavenly Father. Urging readers to pray regularly throughout the day, O’Driscoll reminds us that nothing is too small or irrelevant for prayer. Then, once we have prayed, we should actively listen. Prayer is a two-way conversation. 

Including handy example prayers that can be used in various situations, this short but helpful guide promises to bring you closer to your heavenly Father by involving him in your life, no matter what you are doing.