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    Real Life

    'A vision from God lifted me from the pit of despair'


    At just 22, a seizure left Erica Gomez bedridden and in constant pain. But throughout her trials, she’s learned to rely on the presence of a saviour who is always there

  • Fr Foley (2)

    From rock musician to orthodox priest


    Part of American rock band, Luxury, Chris Foley was a Christian musician who struggled to reconcile his faith with his creativity – until he discovered Eastern Orthodoxy. He tells his story of how he became an Orthodox priest

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    Real Life

    ‘I met an angel outside my church on Christmas morning’


    What I am about to tell you may sound unbelievable. To be honest, I couldn’t believe it myself. I cannot count the number of Christmas Eve services I have led during my ministry. This particular experience happened after one of those services some years ago. It was ...