Lucinda Borkett-Jones

Lucinda Borkett-Jones was the deputy editor of Premier Christianity until June 14. She is now features editor of Christian Today.

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    Back from the Brink


    Until 1994, A&E registrar Cathy Wield considered depression a sign of weakness. She never imagined that a mental health condition could result in her losing her job, her family and even her own life, but that’s what very nearly happened  

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    Q&A: Jenny Baker


    Following the release of her book Equals (SPCK), Jenny Baker spoke to Lucinda Borkett-Jones about gender roles in the Church, and the all-important question of who does the ironing in the Baker household.

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    Children of Promise - Andrew Ehrenzeller


    Singer-songwriter Andrew Ehrenzeller is a recent addition to the Jesus Culture label, and his first studio album is an impressive debut.

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    Losing faith in faith schools?


    Investigations into a so-called Islamist ‘plot’ in Birmingham schools have raised questions about the role of religion in education in Britain. Lucinda Borkett-Jones reports on why the battle lines being drawn are more than just playground squabbles.

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    Evangelicals divided


    Bloggers write to support and condemn the Evangelical Alliance’s decision to remove Oasis Trust from membership.

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    Q&A: Rend Collective


    Following the release of Rend Collective’s latest album, The Art of Celebration, Lucinda Borkett-Jones spoke to band leader and drummer Gareth Gilkeson about creative chaos and writing happy songs.

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    All Or Nothing - Pete James


    Worship leader Pete James’ third studio album All or Nothing reflects his usual pop style. A mix of upbeat tracks and mellower sounds work together to create an album that is both energetic and personal.

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    Q&A: Dave Smith


    The leader of KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough talks to Lucinda Borkett-Jones about teaching on the resurrection and resourcing the Church in mission.

  • Tomáš Halík (left) with John Templeton Jr, the president and chairman of the Templeton Foundation
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    Czech priest awarded £1.1m Templeton Prize


    A Czech priest who was a leader in the underground church during Soviet occupation has won the 2014 Templeton Prize, worth £1.1 million.

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    Faith like a mustard seed


    Lucinda Borkett-Jones speaks to Erna Simms, whose faith has sustained her through illness and tragedy. 

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    Fighting for the soul of Ukraine


    The demonstrations across Ukraine between November and February were not just about European integration; they were part of the birth of a spiritual-political movement, writes Lucinda Borkett-jones 

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    Gay marriage and the Church


    On 29th March this year, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act will come into force, allowing gay people to get married for the first time in this country. But what are the rules for churches, and what will the consequences be?

  • The Search for the Presence of God
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    The Search for The Presence of God


    As reports of outpourings spread across the UK, what do we mean by the presence of God, and how we can experience it? No one – except perhaps the occasional, elite revival-watcher – expected there to be a dramatic move of the Holy Spirit somewhere in Wales this year. But Victory Church, Cwmbran has reported numerous healings, having had ‘outpouring meetings’ every night of the week since April.

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    Joining the Dots


    Prayer, friendship, mission: Lucinda Borkett-Jones investigates a new and exciting move in church unity.

  • Fresh Expressions
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    Fresh Fruit


    Ten years after its birth, the Fresh Expressions movement has become part of the ecclesiological furniture. But, asks Lucinda Borkett-Jones, has it managed to maintain its pioneering spirit?

  • Give Like You Mean It
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    Give like you mean it


    As consumption goes up at Christmas, so too does our charitable giving. Is this spike a good thing? Christmas is the season of giving: time, money, brown paper packages tied up with string. It’s as if we supercharge our benevolence for one month of the year and it takes us the other 11 to recover (and plan) for the next.

  • Ayo Adedoyin
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    Why I Am A Christian: Ayo Adedoyin


    I became a Christian back in 1996. I grew up in a Christian family and went to church. When I went to school I drifted away. But from time to time I would feel a tug on my heart pulling me back. I guess at the right time I just really felt a desire to draw close to God.

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    Chav Christianity


    In 2011, the leftist social commentator Owen Jones’ book Chavs brought the issue of the demonization of the working class to a wide audience. Has the Church been guilty of this too? Two years on, a new Christian author has made a case for reclaiming the word ‘chav’ and encouraging authentic working class Christian communities. Lucinda Borkett-Jones evaluates his approach.

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    Killing in the name of...


    It’s taken a long time for the world to notice the trouble in Central African Republic. But reports of beheadings and cannibalism are making it hard to ignore. Is this a religious conflict? Lucinda Borkett-Jones investigates.

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    The Christianity Festival Guide 2013


    Whether tents and muddy wellies or a cosy B & B is more your cup of tea, there should be something for everyone

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