Suffering is normal. Many of us will experience some form of mental health struggle during our lives. Depending on your own unique situation, medicine, counsellors and/or friends may help. However, when it comes to deciding to get out of bed each morning, no one else can make that choice for you. You must find a reason. 

It’s rare to find a book on mental health that walks the line between hard truths and compassionate pastoral care so well, yet Alan Noble has done it with ease in these 120 pages – sharing part of his own story, while also avoiding any temptation to wallow. 

In answering the “Why get out of bed?” question, Noble reminds the reader they are created good (even when they don’t feel like it). Choosing to “do the next thing” in life – whether taking out the rubbish or parenting your toddler – is a witness to the world. “Your existence testifies”, Noble says. The fact you are alive proclaims the goodness of a creator God. 

It’s a grown-up and spiritually mature take, marvellously devoid of cliché and platitudes, and covering a huge amount of ground. You’ll be left craving more from this exceptional writer.