This short book is full of bubbly personality, with lots of current cultural references, from Netflix’s The Good Place to Harry Potter. The title suggests it is an apologetic for the resurrection, but that’s only one chapter. It covers other atheist arguments against Christian beliefs too.

The second chapter, entitled: “Is Jesus’ death ethical?” aims to explain the need for the cross. It starts with a long comparison of Jesus’ crucifixion with James Bond’s sacrificial death in No Time to Die as the secret agent battles to save the world. 

Another chapter asks: “Is Jesus’ resurrection credible?” It contains the standard Christian responses to objections that Jesus didn’t really die, or that his body was stolen. The final chapter, “Is Jesus’ offer desirable?” acknowledges that the cold, rational arguments thus presented don’t usually lead a person to Christ, but instead offers heaven as an incentive.

Reading this book is like listening to a friendly and engaging person enthusiastically summarising the evidence for the resurrection in a late-night pub conversation – and not letting you get a word in edgeways. There is a lot that is assumed and unexplained. But as a concise and punchy polemic, it’s got value.