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    The Sceptic: Why religion poisons everything


    Journalist Christopher Hitchens passed away nearly three years ago. Justin Brierley reflects on the atheist’s most famous attack on religion in his book God Is Not Great.

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    I left him in the cradle


    Our recent focus on Iraq has unearthed heartbreaking stories including this one told to us by Canon Andrew White’s PA Sarah Ahmed...

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    Profile: Vicky Beeching


    Justin Brierley caught up with singer-songwriter-turned-media-commentator Vicky Beeching just 48 hours after she told the world she is gay via an interview in The Independent.

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    The Sceptic: The Man who wants to turn you into an atheist


    If you need proof that atheism is becoming ever more evangelistic, look no further than Peter Boghossian’s book A Manual for Creating Atheists. Justin Brierley spoke to the controversial philosophy tutor.

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    We are


    Two trends filled up my Facebook feed over the summer months. The first was innumerable videos of people pouring cold water over themselves (and yes, I took the ice-bucket challenge, too). The other was witnessing half my friends’ profile pictures turning into a depiction of the Arabic letter ‘N’ (see our cover image).

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    The Sceptic: Jesus the political revolutionary


    Despite sharing his surname with CS Lewis’ beloved Narnian lion, Reza Aslan is not universally popular with Christians. In his book Zealot (The Westbourne Press), he makes the provocative claim that Jesus was not the peace-loving Messiah of the Gospels, but a political revolutionary crucified for fomenting Jewish insurrection. It became a number one New York Times bestseller last year, and plans are in motion for a Hollywood adaptation.

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    Whatever you did for the least of these...


    When a beautifully produced  book by photographer Marksteen Adamson landed on my desk I was immediately transfixed. Who knew that images of a homeless drug addict could be so arresting?

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    The Sceptic: Why I've given up God for a year


    Former pastor Ryan J Bell is becoming an atheist...for a year. Justin Brierley finds out what led to his unusual experiment.

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    Baroness Caroline Cox


    Justin Brierley meets the courageous Christian peer often described as ‘a voice for the voiceless’.

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    One hundred years later


    They called it ‘the war to end all wars’. But they were wrong. As Europe marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, we still live in a world racked by political, religious and national conflict.

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    Profile: Rick Warren


    A year on from the tragic suicide of his youngest son, megachurch pastor Rick Warren speaks to Justin Brierley about the pain and purpose of Matthew’s death.

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    Why Matthew Warren’s story matters


    I’ve interviewed my fair share of American megachurch leaders over the years. Francis Chan was challenging, Rob Bell was controversial, Mark Driscoll was…Mark Driscoll.

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    The Sceptic: Why I don’t believe Jesus is the only way


    In the last recorded interview with one of the world’s most controversial theologians, Justin Brierley spoke to John Hick about why he believed that all religions lead to God.

  • A litmus test for Orthodoxy
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    A litmus test for orthodoxy


    The Evangelical Alliance’s decision to remove Steve Chalke’s organisation Oasis from membership raises the question of what defines an evangelical today. Justin Brierley reflects on why homosexuality has become the latest tipping point.

  • Miracles Part II: This time it's local
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    Miracles Part II: This time it's local


    Last month Justin Brierley reported on miracle accounts from around the world. But don’t be fooled into thinking God’s forgotten about Britain. In churches, cafes and on street corners, miracles are being reported on our doorstep too.

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    The Sceptic: Why God is a fairy tale


    Philosopher AC Grayling has made it his mission to show why people have as little reason to believe in a deity as they do in the Tooth Fairy. Justin Brierley meets the atheist professor who believes he has seen the future – and God’s not part of it.

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    The Battle for the Soul of Evangelicalism


    Having been a reader of this magazine for several years, and then written for it for several more, it’s a strange sensation to sit down to write my first editorial as senior editor of Premier Christianity.

  • Icons for church and homosexuality
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    The Last Taboo


    Premier Christian Radio's Justin Brierley talks to Steve Chalke about why he's changed his views on homosexuality and theologian Greg Downes who offers a defence of the traditional evangelical understanding of what the Bible has to say about same-sex relationships. 

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    The Sceptic: Why I can't believe the resurrection


    What are some of the strongest objections to faith from Christianity’s toughest critics, and can we answer them? In this new series, Premier Christianity will be hearing from some of the world’s leading sceptics, beginning with former evangelical Christian Bart Ehrman, whose questioning of the Gospel accounts led him to lose his faith 

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    Tim Keller: 'Find whatever the culture is looking to for meaning. Then show how Jesus Christ fulfils that aspiration'


    Ranked as one of America’s most influential Christians and with a ministry reaching sceptics from Manhattan to Mumbai, Tim Keller talks to Justin Brierley about inspiring a new generation of intellectually engaged evangelicals