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    Should we have published that article?


    Due to the nature of our printing schedule, I always write this editorial page for Premier Christianity at least two weeks ahead of this magazine actually landing on your doormat. What this means is that as you read this, you will know the outcome of the British general election, whereas I (at the time of writing) do not.

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    Getting God’s vote


    If you are reading this, it’s reasonably likely that you are an evangelical Christian. And if you are an evangelical Christian, it’s very likely that you will be voting in the general election on 7th May (indeed, 94% of evangelicals are very likely to vote, according to a recent poll from the Evangelical Alliance).

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    Profile: Paula Gooder


    Thousands will attend Dr Paula Gooder’s New Testament teaching at Spring Harvest 2015. She tells Justin Brierley why being a theologian, author, speaker, mother and wife doesn’t mean she’s Superwoman.

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    Shroud of Turin: Genuine relic or medieval forgery?


    Justin Brierley investigates why new evidence that the cloth is a genuine relic of the resurrection is capturing the interest of evangelicals and Catholics alike.

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    The Sceptic: Stephen Fry and the god of atheism


    Don’t be offended: Christians should welcome Stephen Fry’s opinions on God as an opportunity to set the record straight, says Justin Brierley.

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    Dear Stephen...I believe in Oscar Wilde’s God


    When a video of Stephen Fry angrily denouncing God as an ‘evil, capricious, monstrous maniac’ went viral online, it was proof that the subject of religion still stirs strong emotion, even in a largely secular society.

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    It's official...I can't rap


    I recently caused a few laughs during a lunch break with my magazine colleagues when I attempted a rap: ‘Living and driven, given a vision/ Fulfilling the commission with spiritual intuition/People you need to listen’. I was told to leave it to the experts.

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    What Stephen Fry could learn from Oscar Wilde


    If anyone had cause to rail against God it was Oscar Wilde, considering the injustice he suffered in his life and the sad end that befell his glittering career. Yet during his time in prison and at the end of his life, he turned towards God, not away from Him. In light of Stephen Fry's recent anti-God interview, Justin Brierley recorded a video response inviting the TV personality to learn from his literary hero's own view of God. Read and watch Justin's response below.

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    Q&A with Tim Hughes on leaving HTB to be a vicar in Birmingham


    We caught up with worship leader Tim Hughes about his reasons behind the move from Holy Trinity Brompton in London to head up St Luke's in Birmingham.

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    R T Kendall


    Having spent 25 years in ministry in London, RT Kendall has become one of Britain’s best-loved American preachers. He speaks to Justin Brierley about a life dedicated to the Word and Spirit

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    Not such a dirty word


    It was a last-minute decision. To complement Martin Saunders’ article on pornography we commissioned an anonymous online poll of Christians. The aim was to see what percentage of believers would admit to regularly accessing porn online.

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    David Instone-Brewer responds to Romans 1 controversy


    Earlier this year our resident New Testament scholar David Instone-Brewer caused some controversy when he wrote about those who find themselves born in an intersex state. You can read it here. Some readers objected to his interpretation of Romans 1, which seemed to suggest the passage only condemns homosexual practice by heterosexuals who practise it contrary to their assigned nature. New Frontiers church leader Andrew Wilson tweeted that he had 'steam coming out of his ears' on reading David's exegesis. This led to an email exchange between them, which we have been given permission to reproduce below.

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    New Year Revelation


    New Year is always a boom time for health and fitness clubs. The guilty aftermath of Christmas excess produces a spike in gym membership. Of course, the number of guilt-induced resolutions that actually result in long-term change is debatable. I went for my first run of the New Year on 1st January, 2013. I haven’t yet been on my second one.

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    Ten ways to grow your church in 2015


    We’re all familiar with statistics that decry the declining UK Church, but many local churches are bucking the trend. Justin Brierley investigates what has made the difference for those whose churches are bursting at the seams.

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    The Seeker: Gerald Priestland’s search for the heart of Christianity


    In the early 80s, BBC Radio 4 produced a groundbreaking religious series called Priestland’s Progress. As Premier Christian Radio rebroadcasts the classic programmes, Justin Brierley traces the spiritual journey of its protagonist, Gerald Priestland.

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    The Billy Graham legacy


    Sixty years on from Billy Graham’s 1954 Harringay ‘crusade’, Justin Brierley examines the evangelist’s lasting impact in the UK.

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    Why Jesus wouldn't win The Apprentice


    The BBC’s long-running TV show The Apprentice returned to our screens this autumn. Once more, a set of candidates with egos larger than their actual business acumen are battling it out for the chance to become Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner.

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    Five reasons Lord Sugar would fire Jesus


    As a fresh set of candidates battle for Sir Alan's approval in The Apprentice this autumn, Justin Brierley reflects on how Jesus would have fared.

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    What my 45 minutes with Mark Driscoll told me about him


    Following Mark Driscoll's resignation from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Justin Brierley reflects on the lessons he learned from an interview with the megachurch pastor, which went viral.

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    The Sceptic: Why religion poisons everything


    Journalist Christopher Hitchens passed away nearly three years ago. Justin Brierley reflects on the atheist’s most famous attack on religion in his book God Is Not Great.