The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline 

TGIM Hannah Moulton

My name is Hannah Moulton. I’m a senior legal counsel for the London Metal Exchange, a commodities exchange that deals in base metals such as aluminium, zinc and copper. 

I leave home at 7am, get on my bike and ride the ten miles into the City of London. I work full-time, providing legal advice to the business, reviewing regulations and finding safe solutions to ensure a fair and orderly marketplace. 

I went to a rough school in the north of England and was lucky enough to read law at Cambridge. I kicked and screamed against going into the City, but ended up in London in search of work and eventually found myself in Canary Wharf. God put me there for a purpose. 

Being a whole-life Christian is about being my full self all the time. It’s not just a Sunday thing. Trying to live intentionally as a disciple of Jesus at work has been revolutionary for me; it’s not just helped me with my faith, but also my effectiveness in the company. Over time, I’ve earned trust and respect, allowing me to mentor others. I care about getting alongside people and journeying with them, and that means people come to me when they want honest answers. I’m known for being a good listener and I’m often the last to speak. 

I seek to exhibit Christ-like character. I want to show that you can succeed without being demanding or pushy. I can shape the culture of my team with practical everyday action, making time for people, genuinely asking how they are and not being afraid to pray for them when the opportunity arises.

I’m working on talking more explicitly about my faith. It’s important to walk the walk, but you’ve got to say it too. That said, everyone knows that I’m a Christian, and they don’t react badly. It’s so central to who I am that it helps them make sense of me. 

I would love prayer for boldness to help people join the dots between who I am and the God I serve, because Jesus is central in my life.