AI is all around us. As John Wyatt and Stephen Williams note in the introduction, we experience artificial intelligence when we pay for something by credit card, when we are instructed to turn right by the GPS, or when we buy an item that is specifically recommended for us online. The Robot Will See You Now offers an array of insights from some of the world’s leaders in healthcare, employment, security, and the arts, detailing the issues that AI presents both culturally and theologically.

Editor John Wyatt explores what it means to be human, in the face of robotics and AI. He offers explanations from academics, as well as scripture, in a beautifully written, concise treatise that wrestles with itself. Robert Song argues that human uniqueness is under threat by AI and explores broader questions: What if we are unable to tell the difference between humans and AI? Should we be afraid? Andrew Graystone discusses the marketisation of sexual pleasure and what the appropriate Christian response to this is, and Nigel Cameron asks: Are robots coming for our jobs?

The authors’ knowledge shines through their arguments and their vocabulary is perfect for the casual reader. With this in mind, The Robot Will See You Now achieves what it sets out to do – inform readers with a combination of Christian responses, arguments, opinions and expertise on the growing public interest in AI, robotics and their affect on societies worldwide.