This daily devotional draws on a variety of the 70 books written by the late Rev Michael Green, apologist and Anglican priest, with each page presenting a Bible passage, quote and concluding prayer.

Stephen Poxon acknowledges that his book is intended to act as a Holy Spirit-led devotional rather than a work of theological education. However, the way in which the book is structured struggles to achieve this. The quotes from Green are just that, with no elaborations on the theme, references to modern Christian life or practical direction for the reader - beyond praying the prayer at the end of each devotional. Therefore, most of the pages feel somewhat dry, as they primarily quote theology from Green.

Furthermore, the quotes that Poxon has taken are very often smaller points plucked out of the wider reflections from their original books. Sometimes this works, and the quote stands strong alone; but at other times, the point is not clear and the reflection becomes somewhat confusing. 

Ultimately, the success of this style of book leans heavily on the preference of the reader. If you enjoy devotionals that are primarily practical, this book may not work for you. If you would rather read more robust theological reflections, you may enjoy Poxon’s daily accumulation of quotes from the late Rev Green.

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