The popular Christian author and media personality Eric Metaxas explains why he's backing Trump for re-election today


One of the greatest things that Trump has done is withstand the attacks in the media. I've simply never seen anything like it. He's the ultimate outsider who comes in and ruffles a lot of feathers.

He has been outrageously effective. He has come in as a businessman, he's looked at problems and he's actually been able to get things done. Most Americans are pretty cynical about politicians, because they don't keep their promises. But Trump came in and accomplished exactly what he said he was going to do. By cutting taxes, and understanding how our system works, he gave us the best economy in our history. A booming economy covers a multitude of sins, because suddenly, there's opportunity, and you get more tax in the coffers. Forgive me for sounding ridiculous, but I'd give him a 9 out of 10!

There was a time when the media had some semblance of objectivity. But over the years, that's changed. So you have Trump being portrayed as authoritarian. He has been portrayed as selfish and been called racist. I consider it really despicable that he has been described in these ways. When in Charlottesville, he said, 'There are good people on both sides,' he corrected that a number of times, and explained he did not believe there are good people who are white supremacist. But the accusation was repeated so many times and so cynically, that there are people who still believe it. That's the disservice that that the press has done to our country and to the world. Let's at least get the facts right.

I don't think Trump pretends to be an evangelical Christian. When he ran for President he expected the moralistic Christian Right to condemn him. He was stunned when they didn't, because what he didn't know about Christianity, is at the very heart of our doctrines is this thing called grace. We're commanded to love our enemies and to show grace.

Because of his past, he probably feels uncomfortable about pretending to be some kind of big Christian. But I do think that he's different from the man he was 15 years ago. For example, after the birth of his son, he became dramatically pro-life. A close friend of his told me that Trump and Melania were typical New York liberals who were firmly pro abortion. But the birth of Barron, who was a surprise, changed both of them.

He has been the most vocally pro-life president in American history.

If you had a choice between Donald Trump and a Democrat of 30 years ago, there would be more of a debate. But right now the very radical left - Antifa and BLM who are Marxist organisations and are anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-liberty - have gained enough control in the Democratic Party that when you elect somebody like a Joe Biden, that is who you're electing. They want to bring socialism to America. If you believe black lives matter, you are obligated to vote against anyone who would ever flirt with socialism, and big government, because those are the policies that have destroyed black communities.

I really do believe we're at a tipping point. If America goes wrong, the whole world loses a measure of freedom. If we go down, China will step in, and China is genuinely racist and doesn't believe in a biblical view of humanity. China murders political prisoners. Horrible things happen when your worldview is atheistic and communistic. A strong America that believes in a biblical view of humanity is is our best bulwark against that kind of thing.

Please pray fervently for the Lord's will be done. There are dark forces massing in America and around the world that don't have a biblical view of things. When somebody is openly atheist Marxist, we know that they're the enemies of the church, and what they're bringing is something we need to stand against.

Eric Metaxas is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Martin Luther, If You Can Keep ItBonhoeffer, Miracles, Seven Women, Seven Men, and Amazing Grace. He has written more than 30 children’s books and is also the host of the Eric Metaxas Radio Show, a nationally syndicated radio program heard in more than 120 cities around the USA. He was speaking to Premier's Tola Mbakwe