There are all sorts of powerful drugs that are used in medicine and that's fine as long as there's proper testing and drug trials.

Some derivatives of cannabis have been used for years in treatment. But we need to be careful. A 'medical use' argument can easily lead to full blown legalisation. That's exactly what's happened in American states like Colorado where cannabis is being sold without any restrictions, just like tobacco or even cans of coke. Usage of cannabis has gone through the roof in those places.

We need to remember that cannabis is far more addictive than tobacco. And smoking cannabis is eight times more carcinogenic than tobacco. 

Cannabis kills people. If you are driving while high on cannabis you are a serious danger. Around 50 people every year are killed on the roads by someone who is high on cannabis. I've had personal experience of this. My cousin was killed by a driver high on cannabis. 

The extreme skunk (a more potent form of cannabis) we've seen has been involved in lots of dangerous incidents. People can become violent after taking it - the substance has even been found in people who have committed murder.  

There's a big difference between alcohol and cannabis. If you get drunk, the effects will wear off and you'll be sober in the morning. That's not true with cannabis - it can be active even after 30 days of taking it. It's very unpredictable in its effects. It is also strongly linked to mental illness and schizophrenia.

I've met parents whose child took cannabis once and they were turned schizophrenic. It's very dangerous and unpredictable. 

You don't smoke medicines, which is what people are talking about today. It's a very silly idea. 

Christians should not support this move.

Colin Hart is the director of the Christian Institute. He was speaking on Premier Christian Radio's 'News Hour' program 

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