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  • When his wife died just three days after being diagnosed with leukaemia, Simon Thomas had to tell the couple’s eight year old son. In this hard hitting interview, he reflects on grief, unanswered prayer and the assurance that death is not the end
  • Let’s ban Bible study! Nick Page defends his controversial thesis  
  • One of the most popular sit-coms of all time is turning 25 years old. Jamie Cutteridge looks at the legacy of Friends
  • Does your church emphasise biblical preaching or experiencing God’s presence? RT Kendall says we shouldn’t have to choose
  • We all experience it, so why do we try and hide from it or ignore it? Claire Musters uncovers shame
  • Gwynneth Pugh-Jones on how she found the strength to share the gospel with her rapist
  • Sex education is changing. Megan Cornwell reports on various Christian reactions to the new curriculum
  • NT Wright explains how he’d share the good news with a Muslim

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“It’s the sheer variety that I like – the variety of styles – funny, serious, passionate; the variety of topics – world, church, culture. And all of it, marked by the courage to take on the tough questions with both generosity and a deep commitment to biblical truth.” (Mark Greene, executive director, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity)

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