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Premier Christianity is your source of unique Christian content to help you go deeper in your faith, engage with the Church, tackle current issues from a Christian perspective and be inspired by the faith stories of others.


  • Adesanya Adewusi explains why he believes the prosperity gospel is a false gospel
  • What happened when Derren Brown met Britain's most famous vicar
  • Former JLS star JB Gill on how he rediscovered his Christian faith
  • Should Christians watch Love Island? 
  • What cycling around the world taught me about God
  • Why does God allow good people to suffer? Our resident Bible expert explains 
  • How Emma Heath left behind her alcohol addiction and found freedom in Christ
  • Plan your next getaway with our special holiday supplement

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"I found depth, contemplation, compassion and steadfast witness all within its pages. Thank you and great job!" (Suzanne, reader)

“It’s the sheer variety that I like – the variety of styles – funny, serious, passionate; the variety of topics – world, church, culture. And all of it, marked by the courage to take on the tough questions with both generosity and a deep commitment to biblical truth.” (Mark Greene, executive director, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity)

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