I was probably one of the first people to catch Coronavirus in Georgia. It didn't look good. I was in bad shape. But God brought me out of it.

Since I put my story out, it’s gone worldwide. Everybody wants to hear it, but you’re the first person I've talked to from the UK.

I caught Coronavirus while standing in church. I was with 100 people in a choir singing praises to God. And this is what the Lord told me: "The enemy don't like you praising your God, and as long as you have breath in your lungs, you're gonna praise God, so the enemy wants to take your breath. But I'm gonna give you breath. I'm gonna breathe life into you, so you will continue to praise me for the rest of your days."

After I got coronavirus, I was in hospital for a week. The doctor came in my room on day seven and said, "We've tried everything. We've been working on you for a week now, and you’re not getting better." He says, “As a matter of fact you're in worse shape now than when you came in. When you came into hospital, you had pneumonia and you had a little bit of fluid on your lungs. But now they're completely full of fluid.”

When he said that, I started to stand on the Word of God. When you learn to walk by the spirit of God, he talks to you. So this doctor was telling me, “You're getting worse”, but the Spirit of God was saying, “No, you're getting better.”

I said, “Lord, I'm standing on your word.” The doctor said, “We’ve got to figure out how we're gonna get the fluid off” on the Saturday. Then at 3am Sunday morning, my chest felt really heavy. It got to the point where I couldn’t breathe. And by the Spirit I felt like I had a man lying on top of my chest.

If you study anything about the glory of God, it talks about the weightiness. I had this heaviness on top of me. The glory is heavy. And I couldn't breathe at all, then I felt him blow air into my lungs. I took a deep breath. The Lord was blowing air in my lungs. And when he did, it just blew everything else out. I could breathe freely again.

The doctors came in at 6:30am. They said, “I can't believe this! You haven’t got any fluid in your lungs at all!”

He said, “You’re a praying man, and we have found people who pray – it results in positive energy, and the body heals itself.” I said, “You can say that if you want to, Doc, but I’m telling you, God came in my room at 3am this morning, blew in my lungs and I’m healed!”

Not only did he heal me of coronavirus, but a year prior to catching coronavirus, I had been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. My joints had got to the point where I could hardly walk and my joints hurt all the time. I had to leave my job and apply for disability status. Anyway, when he blew on my lungs, not only did he heal me of coronavirus, but he took care of the rheumatoid arthritis. I can run around the block, and my joints don’t bother me anymore!

When the doctor came in, he said, “I don't want to say this, but if you continue on this path, then in three or four days you’ll probably be home...”

I went home two days later. The Lord blew in my lungs on Sunday morning and on Tuesday morning I went home.

Clay Bentley was speaking to Premier's Cassandra Maria. Watch the interview now on Facebook or Instagram