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WATCH: Switchfoot's Jon Foreman just opened his TED talk with a worship song

Footage of Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman giving an inspiring TEDx talk at the University of Nevada was released this week.

The 18 minute video features Foreman singing some of his best known songs and sharing thoughts on the theme of ‘Live your song’.

Foreman opens his slot by singing Switchfoot’s early hit ‘Only Hope’ which includes the lyrics, ‘I lift my hands and pray to be only yours / I know that you’re my only hope’.

He goes on to explain how ‘the creator and composer of time and space’ has given each of us a unique song to sing. Foreman's metaphor of our lives being a song runs through the talk and quotable quotes include ‘There is a void in the symphony of life when you are silent’ and ‘be brave and sing the truth one note at a time’.

His moving performance of ‘Terminal’ is one of many highlights. It’s a song which speaks both of the fragility and beauty of life made ‘in the image of God’.

He encourages those present to ‘practise’ their melody. ‘You’re going to hit wrong notes, but the song continues…I dare you to forgive yourself.’

Paraphrasing Jesus in a way the author of The Message, Eugene Peterson would be proud of, Foreman says, ‘Ask for forgiveness when you hit the wrong note and forgive the people who wrong note against you.’

‘Don’t let past mistakes rob the present of its potential for beauty and joy…I dare you to live out the purpose for which you were born. That your melody would soar above the past, above the pain, above the dissonance. That the song you were born to sing would come into life. The composer of time and space has given you a part in this great symphony. This is your moment.’

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