19 of the best responses to Bishop Curry's royal wedding preach

From Ed Miliband claiming Bishop Curry could convert him to Christianity to Naomi Campbell tweeting her praise for the pastor, we bring you the best - and funniest - responses to the sermon that shook the world

1. Naomi Campbell is a fan 2. Some commentators questioned the Queen's response 3. A message that reached millions 4. The authors of The Marriage Course approved 5. And the Catholics were impressed                                                                                      6. The Royal response 7. The former leader of the Labour Party shocks Twitter with this admission 8. A different take on HRH's opinion 9. And from one Curry to another 10. The power of love 11. And the memes kept coming 12. MP and Christian, David Lammy, was profusive in his praise 13. Was she the only one thinking this? 14. Some responses even called for full-on caps 15. And still more GIFs 16. The Pool declared their love 17. For others, the sermon was just too long 18. Oh, and yet more GIFs 19. And there you have it: Bishop Curry has gone down in history

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