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    Bono’s emotive memoir lets you into his soul - and it’s full of God too


    Steve Stockman, who himself authored a book on the faith of U2, says Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story provides further evidence of the depth and devotion of Bono’s Christian faith

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    Good and beautiful and kind - Rich Villodas


    Good and Beautiful and Kind is a theological book with some biographical elements, which aims to help Christians live out the gospel more authentically. Touching upon some of the ways that Western Christianity has been influenced by a postmodern secular worldview, Rich Villodas, an author, speaker ...

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    ‘I saw Jesus while on ayahuasca’


    Was I bathed in white sound or swimming in loud light? With a crystal bowl vibrating all my cells, I couldn’t tell the difference. And why were the words “child of God” in my head vibrating even louder? I was sitting cross-legged in peacock yoga pants in ...