Simon Carver

Rev Simon Carver is Inspirational Breakfast's resident film buff. When not in the cinema - chomping popcorn and reviewing to his heart's content - Simon can be found at Dagnall Street Baptist Church where he is senior minister.

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    Why I'm happy to 'play God'


    Baptist minister Simon Carver wonders whether we can re-purpose a familiar phrase.

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    Movie Review: Selma


    The Oscar-tipped story of Martin Luther King's fight for civil rights is still utterly relevant fifty years on.

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    Hollywood finds God


    Hollywood’s latest darling appears to be God. Simon Carver explores the new onscreen fascination with all things Christian

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    Prepare to be challenged by Ridley Scott's Exodus


    Christian film-goers need not worry whether Ridley Scott has done to Moses what Darren Aronofsky did to Noah. Scott’s epic retelling of the Exodus story is far more faithful than Aronofsky’s idiosyncratic version of Noah and the flood. No stone creatures in Exodus, just plenty of eyeliner and slightly camp snake-handling (not in a Mark 16 way) along with lashings of sword and spear play, skies full of arrows and chariot racing aplenty. In short, this is a pretty faithful retelling of the Exodus story. This means that Christians who are easily offended when asked to use their imaginations need have nothing to fear.