Written by the Jewish Christian author David Hoffbrand, this weekly devotional is an exhortation to remember the Lord’s instruction to keep the Sabbath holy. If we do not, we risk missing out on so much of God’s blessing in our lives, he argues. 

In our fast-paced culture, a day of rest is not something many of us consider possible. But pointing to scripture, Hoffbrand reminds us that God instituted the Sabbath to enable his people to live well for the remainder of the week. Without this seventh day of rest, we are not only veering from our maker’s instructions but ignoring an important weekly reset that puts God back at the centre of our lives. As he writes: “The week is about the speed of life, the Sabbath is about direction.”

No other society in biblical times had a day off written into their culture. It was the Sabbath that identified the children of Israel as a people set apart. The penalties for not observing it were severe, a clue to the importance with which God views the principle. 

The book also explains why Sabbath is about more than just an absence of work; it is a time to receive acceptance, approval and affirmation from God. This, in turn, leads to harmony in our homes (Shalom Bayit) as we spend time focusing on God, ourselves and our families. The Sabbath ensures that work stays in its proper place, helping to prevent it from becoming an idol. God leads us, he does not drive us. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to every Christian. It is a useful and timely reminder that the Sabbath is a gift – a blessing to us from a loving, generous God who wants to heal, restore and nourish his people.

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