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    How to be a good witness in a modern, multicultural society


    Christians may be in the minority, but we can still work for the good of wherever we are, says Sam Brown. If we do so, we’ll bring God’s shalom to a disillusioned and hurting world this Lent

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    3 ways to power up your discipleship


    By concentrating on outward achievements, we miss out on the deep work that Jesus wants to do in us, says Joe Warton. Let’s make 2024 the year we focus on purpose, people and practices

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    Worn out and burdened? Jesus invites you to rest


    Has there ever been a time when Christian leaders have needed to rest in God more? Rev Chris Jervis offers this encouragement from Jesus to lay down their heavy burdens

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    Enough - Dr Kathrine McAleese


    Dr Kathrine McAleese’s book is a word in season for those of us who are suspicious of the latest self-help guru, but nonetheless want to hit the pause button and take stock of where we’re at in life, with a view to making some big changes. While ...