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    The Gospel according to Taylor Swift


    Taylor Swift isn’t the light of the world. And she can’t fill our culture’s God-shaped hole. But the biggest pop star on the planet does identify as a Christian

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    Walt Disney was a man of faith. But 100 years on, how should Christians view his legacy?


    Walt Disney attributed his success to a daily habit of prayer. But now, as Disney celebrates 100 years of family fun, Christians are divided on the merits of the entertainment giant. Is it still the home of good, clean entertainment or should we be suspicious of its political stances?

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    When God says yes…then no


    Have you ever seen a dream die? Been so absolutely sure that something was right – that God himself was behind it – only to see it fail? That’s what happened to Martin Saunders, and it took his faith to the edge

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    The Rules of Engagement


    What does it mean for Christians to be engaged with culture, and why is it so important? Five years on from his first Premier Christianity culture column, Martin Saunders asks if there’s more to it than sermon illustrations and placard-waving.

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    More TV, vicar?


    Vicars are bang on trend in TV land, says Martin Saunders. And they aren’t all cut from the same cloth.

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    The way we consume TV is changing: we can now watch what we want, whenever we want. And binge view as much as we like. Martin Saunders unravels the pros and cons of streamed TV.

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    Grey Matter: 50 Shades, pornography and the shaping of our brains


    Fifty Shades of Grey hits UK cinemas this Valentine’s day. Six years on from writing a major feature on porn and the UK Church for Premier Christianity, Martin Saunders explores the growing impact of sexually explicit content on modern culture.

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    Serial: the killer podcast that swept the world


    You’re either in or you’re out. You’re either: completely absorbed; desperately waiting to find out what really happened with Adnan Syed, Jay and the tragic Hae Min Lee; spending your Thursday lunchtimes ritually clicking the refresh button on Apple’s iTunes store…or you have literally no idea what I’m talking about.

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    A mission to save mankind


    Christopher Nolan’s science fiction epic Interstellar envisions a world beyond our own, in which humankind can save itself.

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    No m'Lord: Why doesn't Downton do God?


    Downton Abbey is now regularly enjoyed by more than 120 million viewers around the world. But why is a show set in the God-fearing 1920s so reluctant to mention faith?

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    The Leftovers


    Armageddon is back this autumn. As the Left Behind film hits cinemas, a new American TV show explores what might happen if 140 million people simply disappeared at once. Is this apocalyptic story likely to leave British audiences ‘enraptured’?

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    Have you spotted these 'invisibles' in your church?


    In an age that is centred on platform-building and self-promotion, David Zweig’s book Invisibles claims we can make a significant impact while still maintaining an almost invisible profile.

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    Theology test your worship songs


    What happens when you put the lyrics of some of our best-known worship songs under the theological microscope?

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    Vanishing Act


    A new book written by a secular New Yorker suggests that our self-promotion culture has its values badly wrong. It might just be the most important message the Church could hear in 2014.

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    The Gospel according to Minecraft


    Minecraft, a simple construction video game, is sweeping the globe. Why is it so popular, and should we be concerned that millions of people are choosing to spend more time in the game than outside it?

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    Why your church should love the World Cup (even if you don’t)


    The World Cup is upon us, and – whether or not you like football – there’s much the Church can learn from it.

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    What are we drinking?


    The world’s favourite stimulant is available in all shapes, sizes and flavours. So how much caffeine is in a regular serving of your favourite beverage?

  • Caffeine Nation
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    Caffeine Nation


    It’s the world’s favourite legal drug; you may be sipping at it even as you read this. If so, are you holding that cup of coffee, or is it holding you?

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    Flood, sweat and tears


    Darren Aronofsky’s latest epic has divided Christians; yet it’s a spectacular film sure to provoke discussion. So, just as theologians and children’s workers have asked for generations: what are we supposed to do with Noah?

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    Death in Hollywood


    Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died in February, is the latest in a long line of troubled celebrities to lose a battle with drug abuse. So why do so many famous people – who seem to have everything – get caught up in the deadly spiral of addiction?