This book is different, from its velour-patterned hardback cover and the word ‘virgin’ in the title, to its engaging ‘women’s mag’ style.

The author explores healthy relationships, singleness and dating writing as a kind of chatty, friendly big sister who is imparting her words of wisdom.

Carrie manages to beautifully bridge the gap between our sex-obsessed culture and orthodox Christian attitudes towards relationships. She has lived in the former and makes a great case for the latter, without sounding prudish or judgemental. She articulates the joy of a relationship with Jesus, and its vast superiority to any wrong-headed romantic relationship, in a unique and inspiring way.

The book expresses a modern and girly femininity, bypassing the aggressive tone of some female writers. The author does not have laissez-faire attitudes to sex and sexuality, nor the subdued, clipped tones of some more conservative attitudes to womanhood.

Carrie hangs around in celebrity circles. Her culture is very much Prada shoes and the London media scene: think women’s magazines with a distinctive love of Jesus. This is Bridget Jones meets Ann Voskamp. I found it refreshing, insightful, and encouraging. 

HEATHER TOMLINSON is a freelance journalist