Women are more likely to attend than men, with single men attending less than those with partners.

The survey was commissioned by Single Christians and Christian Vision for Men in partnership with Premier Christian Radio. Speaking about the findings, CVM’s Carl Beech said: ‘The Church has singularly failed to engage with working-class men and men of all social classes, particularly when they don’t feel a reason to attend once their children are no longer dependent.

‘Particularly painful is the statistical reality that a huge number of Christian women currently won’t be able to have a Christian marriage in the UK Church. This is an urgent wake-up call.’

CVM has linked up with Premier to help churches form ‘Sheds’; men’s groups that engage in masculine pastimes and ‘introduce their mates to Jesus’.

Meanwhile, a study carried out by Christian Research will be undertaken this year to gauge why people do not invite friends and family to church. Early indications are that fears of rejection, losing friends and damaging relationships prevent many from inviting people to church or discussing faith.

‘What we have discovered so far is that sublimated fears, perhaps related to previous rejections, are projected onto the Church, with would-be inviters seeing it as unattractive, not “fit for purpose” and unwelcoming,’ said Michael Harvey, who developed Back to Church Sunday.