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    Want to reverse church decline? Feminism can help


    It is ironic that feminism is contributing to the decline of Christianity when the movement can greatly enrich our understanding of Jesus’ divinity and deepen our relationship with God, argues theologian Dr Niamh M. Middleton

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    The Globe’s portrayal of a non-binary Joan of Arc is woke nonsense


    It is tempting to paint Saint Joan as some kind of ‘holy tomboy’, but this is a one-dimensional perspective that ignores her deep faith, says Caroline Farrow

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    Why I’ve stopped using male pronouns for God


    When you’ve spent your whole life referring to God as ‘he’, moving away from male pronouns for the divine takes a little getting used to. My decision to no longer ascribe a gender to God came during the process of writing my latest book God is ...

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    The Struggle To Stay - Dr Katie Gaddini


    This anthropological study from Dr Katie Gaddini delves into the lives of evangelical Christian women in the US and the UK who find themselves on the fringes of their church traditions, and includes Dr Gaddini’s own journey out of evangelicalism. The book explains how women end up ...