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……and the debate rumbles on. Kate Forbes steps up to the plate in the search for the new Scotland leader this week and is asked her view on homosexual marriage and children out of wedlock. She replies honestly and is immediately denounced by former SNP councillor Austin Sheridan. ‘Religion is not the issue here. Her personal views are’.

If you believe certain things through your faith, can you get to the top in politics? Is there a glass ceiling in public life depending on your religious views? Tim Farron, MP for Westmoreland & Lonsdale stated on Jeremy Vine in February that the idea that only people of faith have to leave it at the door, is silly and illiberal.

Five years ago they had him on the ropes demanding to know if he thought gay sex is sinful. Now Mr. Farron is thoughtful, truthful and spoke excellently in Ms. Forbes defence pointing out that the media consistently portray Christianity as being all about prohibitions. ’It’s not’ he concludes, ’It’s about the ultimate liberty of being known by the one who had made you and loves you intensely enough to die for you.’

Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator points out that success in politics is only now for those who renounce certain aspects of their faith. So those pro-lifers and pro traditional marriage better set their expectations low. Children will now learn that they cannot get to the top in public life because of their traditional views.

Do we have the right to legislate for others to live as though they are Christians? The alternative? Stand by and allow others to pass poor legislation that undermines society and is contrary to what is in the best interest for all? Are we moved to speak up? As Vine rightly quips ‘I thought the whole point of going into politics is to vote for the stuff you believe in’. The Christian Party exists for that very reason. There are no other mainstream parties with policies consistently in line with ours. As a Christian involved or supporting a main party, you would do well to ensure you are prepared to answer any questions unexpectedly without ambiguity.

Why not join the Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” which requires no compromising of your faith. We challenge you to read our manifesto on a range of policy areas. We stand on the truth and are consistent with what we say. We too have been in the hot seat answering moral questions - but what an opportunity. We write, speak and debate in the public arena and no-one can refute what we say. After all, it’s our raison d’etre. Surely some of the 7.23 million listeners were impacted by what Tim Farron said on Radio 2?

God raises those up in public life whom he chooses. That’s not our job to worry about. After all, what’s the definition of success in this life? Is it our rising to the top of our profession, wealth, power or status or is it simply loving and serving God with the gifts he’s given us to the best of our ability, loving our fellow man and living a quiet peaceable life? Time will tell if Ms. Forbes honesty and integrity is still the best policy.

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