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    City of Echoes - Jessica Wärnberg


    Jessica Wärnberg has a background in religious history and the history of art; she certainly brings an artistic touch to this magnificent book. Painting word pictures using shades, colour and contrast, Wärnberg demonstrates rigorous research and a deft touch in handling complex historical material. This is a ...

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    Writing about Julian of Norwich helped me through cancer


    It is 650 years since Revelations of Divine Love, the first book to be written in English by a woman, was published. As Claire Gilbert reflects on losing her mother as a child, battling cancer and living through the Covid-19 pandemic, she finds Julian’s writings are as relevant today as they were six centuries ago

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    Proud to be a ‘Biblical Christian’? Here’s why that might be a problem…


    I recently polled my Instagram followers, asking them three questions: “Is it important to you to be a ‘biblical Christian’?”, “Is it important to challenge leaders whose worldview is ‘unbiblical’?” and “Have you actually read the whole Bible?”. Seventy-five per cent answered “yes” to the first question, ...

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    Are the Puritans worth reading?


    Who were the Puritans? Should Christians read them? And if so, why? Tim Chester explores

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    Bullies and Saints - John Dickson


    John Dickson begins his book with an account of 15 July 1099, when Christian Crusaders mercilessly slaughtered thousands of Muslims sheltering in a sacred precinct in Jerusalem. Historic atrocities can undermine a person’s belief in the Church, and sometimes their faith in Christ too. But this author ...