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Blessed are the poor, those that mourn; the meek; those who thirst for righteousness; the merciful; the pure in heart; the peacemakers; those who are persecuted … and blessed are you…

If you or your church is looking for a fresh way to engage with the Bible and put it into practice, there’s no better place to start than with the only ‘sermon’ of Jesus that we have recorded!

Known as ‘the beatitudes’, these are seismic words. Words that turn the world’s values upside down. Words that touch our deep human aches and longing. Words that offer not just intellectual assent, or an ideology, but a way to follow Jesus as we show up in the world. These words have echoed through the centuries. Inspired Bonhoeffer, Ghandi, King, and many, many more. The Ninefold Path from Lifewords is a new way for you to engage with these compelling words of Jesus.

“It’s not a Bible study, it’s applied theology, it’s practical, it’s useful, it’s a way of life!” – Jamie, USA

This 9-week resource is designed for individual or group use. Through an easy-to-access approach, each beatitude (“beat”) is presented with a short invitation and reflection, with practical ways to put the words of Jesus into action.

“An inspirational, insightful, and deeply formational programme, that changes the heart” - Helen, UK

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“We are excited to invite churches to explore how the beatitudes can revolutionise all our lives, our communities and even our world. Together with the rest of Jesus’ sermon on the mount, these ‘beats’ remain so compelling, welcoming, and transformative today”, says Steve Bassett (Creative director, Lifewords)

These ‘beats’ speak about changing the world; about empire and power; about our inner selves and daily habits. They invite us to a way of trust, lament, humility, justice, compassion, right motive, peace-making, surrender, and radical love.

Order now, adventure, and share your stories of walking the ninefold path!

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“The Ninefold Path refined my perception of Jesus. The way of Jesus seems more practical to me now because I have learned some easy-to-use tools. I wish I’d known earlier how awesome this really is.” – Rhanee, Australia

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The Ninefold Path Notebook is available in packs of 5 for just £15 per pack. A downloadable guide for leaders (‘Learning Lab Group Guide’) is free with every order of 3 packs or more.

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