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Naana is 32 years old, living in London working in the city by day and writing endless love stories by night. Trapped in my emotions was initially written in 2017 by Naana, who was inspired to write this compelling story through witnessing her friends go through painful relationships. Having being born into a Christian family, Naana incorporates her faith into her book.

She became born again in her early 20s and having re-dedicated her life to Christ she believed she found the true meaning of what it means to be a Christian. Growing up in a household where morning devotion on a Sunday was the norm she witnessed childhood friends leaving the faith.

She asked herself why this often happened amongst young people and came to write about Tina in her book.

Tina is a young remarkably bright woman who finds love and starts a family with her childhood sweetheart. He gives her everything she wants and needs, for Tina to give up on her career and focus on raising their beautiful children. However crisis arises and Tina is left hopeless when her husband completely changes for the worse.

Trapped In my Emotions bY Naana Hayford

Whilst Tina is finding the best possible ways to be supportive, nothing seems to work. Her loving Mother, who is strong in the faith, continues to encourage Tina to turn to Christ and not to forget what she was brought up on; ‘The Word of God’.

Naana has received wonderful reader-feedback from all people of all ages.

The intended audience when initially writing the book was young teenagers up to adults aged 55. However through the feedback she has found no matter young or old, everyone can relate.

“This book made me think about my bad choices as a teenager, and made me thank God I came to know Christ in my 30s’ - Auntie Belinda, 58

‘Tina is so strong, she inspires me to not lose hope” – Ella Boateng,15

“I found myself hating Luke, then feeling sorry for him, I’m torn between emotions” – Craig Thorne, 34

There is hope at the end of the tunnel through Christ Jesus” – Bishop Hayford, 66

I got trapped in the book, such a compelling story”- Jennifer Grays, 28

Naana hopes this is the start of a journey of writing many books, where people can find inspiration as well as know more about the love of Christ. This is Naana’s first published book but not her last, she is keen to publish her next story, Summer Getaway - about a Bournemouth-based Mother and Daughter’s relationship as they run a hotel, only to stumble upon love and friendship.

Naana also strongly believes the best ever stories read and heard, are from the bible, she goes on to say ‘Jesus is my favourite story teller, I have always loved the stories he told to his disciples as well as the crowd”.

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Trapped in my emotions by Naana Afaidze-Hayford is published by Europe books.

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