Tony Horsfall

Tony Horsfall

Tony Horsfall is an author and retreat leader with a lifetime's experience in mentoring others, including church leaders and missionaries, in Britain as well as overseas.


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    The Final Lap - John Wyatt


    This little book helpfully explores the three major transitions we face as we grow older – from working life to retirement; from independence to being dependent on others; and from living to dying. It is well-written and readable, with many useful insights.

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    Hope wins - Goff Hope


    Church leader Goff Hope has known suffering, having had prostate cancer and experienced the sudden death of his daughter. He describes how he and his wife responded to these challenges and found hope in Jesus. But this is not a book of pious platitudes. Some church circles almost deny or ...

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    What Call The Midwife teaches us about doubt and faith


    The experience of Call the Midwife’s Sister Monica Joan is much more common than we think, says Tony Horsfall. Here’s why we shouldn’t be afraid of our doubts and why they can be good for our faith