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    'I was a hopeless addict. But God never gave up on me'


    Rikki Doolan spent years travelling the world, chasing meaning and fulfilment. Drugs and alcohol couldn't fill the void, and he found himself homeless on the streets of Manchester. That's when he stepped into a cathedral and everything began to change

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    Lennon, Dylan, Alice, and Jesus - Greg Laurie with Marshall Terrill


    Greg Laurie’s enjoyable book hurtles along like a train, travelling from the gospel roots of rock and roll and terminating at Justin Bieber. The church background of the “million dollar quartet” of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis sets the scene. Laurie then investigates ...

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    God TV’s Fergus Scarfe: 8 songs to make you feel Christmassy


    I’m one of those people who listens to Christmas music all year round. Why wait until it’s cold and dark when you can sing along with Santa no matter the weather? Christmas songs convey such extraordinary truths: God’s goodness, faithfulness, and the beautiful strangeness of this Christian ...

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    David’s Tent share their top 8 songs


    John Kyle is part of the team that runs David’s Tent, an annual 72-hour non-stop worship festival that takes place in Sussex. He is also a musician and worship leader. Here’s his favourite 8 songs right now