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    Vanishing faith: the exodus of Iraq’s Christians


    Amid growing intolerance and persecution, the Christian population in Iraq is declining rapidly. Urgent prayer is needed for this community, who have been present in the region for almost 2,000 years

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    ‘I helped capture Saddam Hussein’


    Eric Maddox’s pioneering interrogation techniques led to the capture of one of the world’s most wanted men. But if it wasn’t for hearing the voice of God, Eric never would have joined the military

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    How Iraq’s Christians are rebuilding their ancient churches


    When Islamic State (IS) marched into the Nineveh region of northern Iraq in 2014 and declared it a caliphate under sharia law, it destroyed one of the oldest communities of Christians in the world. Jihadists desecrated ancient churches and 50,000 Christians fled. After its capital Mosul was liberated in 2017, Al-Bishara Church was the first to reopen. Five years on, local journalists Stella Martany and Meethak Al-khatib visited on Easter Sunday to speak to the Christians tentatively reassembling their lives.

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    Putin and the plank in our eye: repenting of our selective compassion for Ukraine


    It’s easy to paint Putin as the epitome of all evil and pray to God for victory, says Jonty Langley, but in doing so, are we forgetting our own nation’s past indiscretions and indulging in the sin of hypocrisy?