It's difficult not to feel gleeful at militant athiest Richard Dawkins' gaffe in which he completely destroyed his own argument, made himself look foolish and called on the help of his maker (God) - all at the same time. It's a dangerous thing to be so sure you're right that you wade headlong into a debate and claim things you can't prove, and make a case for an argument with only a flimsy basis. Unfortunately Dawkins has not heeded the wisdom of Proverbs 16:18, that pride comes before a fall.

There's something for Christians to learn from this incident, though. Are we absolutely right? Do we know what is right and wrong? We often think we do. But it is God that is right, not us. So while believe that God, and the Bible, are absolutely true, it doesn't mean to say that our understanding of both is perfect. Hopefully that truth can give us enough humility so that when we are debating our points with others, whether Christian or secular, we can avoid the trap that Dawkins has fallen into. It is God who is always good, correct and right, and not us. I hope you hold me to that, as I opine on this blog in the weeks to come. It's a truth I need to remember.