In his article entitled ‘Have we misread the Bible?’ Chalke states that: ‘We may sometimes come to a developed, or even different, view from some of those contained in the canon of scripture. In doing so, however, it always remains our responsibility to explore why the Bible includes the range of voices we find there and what the Spirit of God is teaching us through their inclusion.

‘It is through an acceptance of the humanness of our sacred text, rather than a denial of it, that we discover God’s inspiration.

In April, Andrew Wilson’s ‘Is the Bible the word of God?’ feature responded to Chalke’s piece by discussing whether the Bible really is the Word of God.

He argues that: ‘While the Bible isn’t flawed, our interpretations of it often are; while God is always true, human beings are often false. Humility requires submitting ourselves to scripture, rather than setting ourselves as judges over it.

'It also means submitting ourselves to one another in careful, honest dialogue about what the text means, and how it should be applied.'

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