Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson debate
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Bible Debate: Have we misread the Bible?
Steve Chalke & Andrew Wilson

Steve Chalke is a leading and sometimes controversial voice in the evangelical Church. In a recent article for Premier Christianity magazine he has argued that we need to rethink the way we approach scripture and cease to think of it as 'inerrant' but as a progressive 'conversation' with God that continues today.

In a series of 4 discussions Andrew Wilson of New Frontiers engages with Chalke as they address issues concerning biblical infallibility, Old Testament morality, atonement and homosexuality:

Bible Debate #1: Does Scripture contain errors?

Bible Debate #2: Did they mishear God in the Old Testament?

Bible Debate #3: Did God punish Jesus in our place?

Bible Debate #4: Are same-sex relationships allowed?

Andrew Wilson also published an article in the April edition of Premier Christianity magazine, and both articles can be found below.

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