The student body at Balliol College was accused of violating free speech and religious freedom after the Student Union vice-president Freddy Potts informed the CU they could not have a space for fear of causing “harm to freshers”.

The decision was later reversed and the CU given permission for its materials to be part of a multifaith exhibit. A vote was then unanimously passed by Balliol students prohibiting officers from barring religious societies from future events.

Balliol College said it is pleased that the students “have now resolved this matter”. It added: “Balliol is a tolerant, friendly college where students of all faiths and none are free to worship and express their beliefs openly.”

In a statement, UCCF said: “This type of incident is, to date, a pretty rare experience for CUs on campus. Most Student Unions are fair-minded and enjoy a good relationship with the CU in their university.”

UCCF’s director Rev Richard Cunningham added, “We are, however, concerned that the current desire to provide safe spaces on campus does not infringe on the core liberties of freedom of speech and freedom of association which are surely foundational to basic human flourishing.”