David Bowie died this weekend. David Bowie doesn’t live here anymore. David Bowie has left this planet – though it never really felt like he was part of it.

A world without Bowie feels both sad and unthinkable. Some people exist in a world so unlike our own that it’s difficult to imagine them being bogged down with the concerns we have – concerns like breathing or living. Everyone is going to have different Bowie reflections – that’s what this blog is about.

I found myself thinking about summer 2012 and the Olympics. How different would those glorious few weeks have been without ‘Heroes’ (as far away from the original meaning as it was) as the soundtrack. How fewer goosebumps would have spread around the country? Heck, how many fewer medals might Great Britain have won?

Bowie was a genius. There’s no ‘three points and a gospel message’ here. Instead, we’ve rounded up tributes. So many people - Christians included - have been touched by Bowie’s life and work. David Bowie, made in the image of God. David Bowie, a man whose creative brilliance shared some of God’s creativity.