After three and a half years of being called Christianity+ Renewal, the magazine title has being shortened to Christianity. Why the change?Christianity+Renewal was a long and rather clumsy sounding title formed when two separate magazines were merged. However, the presence of RT Kendall and Selwyn Hughes in our pages this month should help to underline that the ‘Renewal’ agenda will not be dropped. Happily we will continue to affirm, encourage and report from the wider evangelical scene, featuring many writers who, like me, are both charismatic and committed to the ongoing renewal of the church.

Selwyn Hughes, the life president of Crusade for World Revival (CWR) who is probably best known as the author of the Every Day With JesusBible reading notes, has championed renewal and revival throughout his life. In an extract from his life story, which is published this month, Selwyn recalls a traumatic incident from his youth when, while working underground in a Welsh mine, he learned of the need to speak out about the Christian faith when God prompts us to.

Two weeks ago I received an email out of the blue from Colin, who I had sat next to during Science lessons in Secondary school and had met only once since then. Instead of listening to the Chemistry teacher I remember having long discussions with Colin about the Christian faith.

About 10 years after leaving school Colin and I met up again. I was delighted to hear that he was now a Christian and that our conversations during Chemistry had been helpful in his journey to faith.

We then lost contact again until a fortnight ago, when he emailed out the blue to tell me he was about to be ordained as an Anglican priest. I’m so glad

I decided to respond to God’s promptings and tell Colin about my beliefs. I may have failed my Chemistry exam, but figure playing a small part in Colin coming to faith was a better result than an extra ‘O’ level on my CV.

The power of a word in season should never be disregarded. Your feedback probably won’t influence someone’s eternal destiny - but it will affect the future development of this magazine. So do let me know what you think of the new design and the new features in your new-look magazine. Your emails and letters matter – don’t believe the commonly held assumption that the comments of an individual carry no weight.

The opportunity to say a word, show practical concern or even simply offer a smile, when we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, can have a powerful and lasting effect.