1. How evangelicals took over the Church of England

Our major investigation into the rise of evangelicals in the Church of England. From Justin Welby to the HTB effect - what's happening and is it cause for celebration or concern?

2. The great divide: Can we reunite a segregated Church?

We need to have an honest conversation about race in the UK Church. Why are we so segregated and how can we heal the divide?

3. Would I lie to you? How Christians can fight back against fake news

There’s an unholy trinity of post-truth, alternative facts and fake news pervading our culture. Former tabloid journalist Sarah Lothian explains how Christians should respond.

4. Beauty from Brokenness: These Christians are trying to restore dignity among sex workers

Katie Stock's major investigation gives the inside story on how the UK Church is ministering to sex workers

5. Moby: How a skinny, teetotal, vegan DJ with a Christian faith conquered dance music

One of the biggest names in dance music talks to us about his unusual Christian faith. 

6. Terry Virgo: Whatever happened to the promised revival?

Talk of revival isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. The founder of Newfrontiers Terry Virgo explains why now is the time to pray again. 

7. The Missing Jewel: How the modern worship movement was born

Most of us take it for granted that contemporary Christian music exists and modern songs are played by worship leaders across the country every Sunday morning. But as Les Moir - the producer behind the UK's best known Christian albums - explains, this is a young movement with a fascinating back story.

8. The Gospel according to grime: Why these artists are rapping about God

Stormzy's critically acclaimed album Gang Signs and Prayer reached number one in the UK charts this year and his single 'Blinded by Your Grace Pt 2' contains some amazing God-centred lyrics. Grime record label boss turned church pastor Ben Lindsay reports on this and other developments in the world of hip-hop. 

9. Seeking Asylum, Finding Christ: Why Muslim refugees are converting

Increasing numbers of Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity. We look at why it’s happening and what it means for churches in the UK

10. Help! I’m having a mid-faith crisis!

Nick Page, with the assistance of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, explains how to turn your crisis into a chrysalis

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