He has been a seminal voice across the evangelical Church.  Finishing our Course with Joy is the octogenarian’s passionate call to elderly Christians not to ‘go quietly into the night’. With grace and wit, Packer argues against a consumerist approach to retirement that sees many seniors encouraged to adopt a self-indulgent rather than a self-sacrificial attitude in old age.

Packer elucidates the physical, spiritual and emotional issues of ageing. He is also forthright in challenging the modern nuclear family for isolating the elderly, and is frank and humble in regretfully reflecting on his own family’s treatment of an old, infirm aunt.

This is a short book, with particularly large print – perhaps a concession to its ageing audience. Assuming a mature Christian readership, it is not as evangelistic as I would have hoped. Nevertheless, I warmly recommend this book to all those wanting to age joyfully. It would make a great retirement gift.