How did you feel to learn the news?

Thrilled! This is absolutely brilliant! I’ve always believed in his innocence and he’s protested his innocence. But what I love about the whole thing over the last couple of years is he’s behaved in a very dignified way. He hasn’t gone to the tabloids. In the face of being very badly treated I think he’s behaved impeccably.

How’s he feeling?

I’d imagine he’s over the moon and thrilled its over. Although, having read his statement, which is a wonderful Christian attitude if you think about it, he’s concerned for other people in this situation where people have been named before anything has been proven and before they’ve been charged.

There’s always going to be that stigma with people saying ‘there’s no smoke without a fire’ and all that kind of thing. It is wrong that people are named in this situation.

[The CPS] haven’t said he’s innocent. They’ve just said there isn’t enough evidence [to prosecute]. It’s just a farce! 

How has his faith helped him?

When I spoke to him last year he said it had strengthened his faith. I was worried it might have had the reverse effect, but he said it had actually strengthened his faith. That’s a good thing to have come out of this.

He knows he’s loved by God and he knows that God knows the truth. As far as he was concerned, he was safe in that knowledge and had nothing to prove because nothing had happened. God is truth and we worship him in spirit and truth and from that point of view he felt God was with him.

I’m not saying he wasn’t upset, because he was. But at the end of the day he knew he was in God’s hands and that kept him going.

Cindy Kent was speaking on Premier Christian Radio's The News Hour 

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