Telegraph columnist Rupert Myers wrote of Mr Walker, ‘Creationists cannot be trusted to report objectively...or to interact reasonably with their interviewees and with the public.’ The Times and Independent also reported on Walker’s Christian faith and the Daily Mail ran a story on how Walker has chosen not to work on Sundays.  Appearing on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, the father of three rebuffed the accusations and argued that his beliefs about creation and views on the Sabbath had nothing to do with his job.

‘I thought that we live in a tolerant society where you can be a Christian, you can be a Muslim, you can be a Jew and you get on with life?’ Writing on the Premier Christianity blog, Free Church of Scotland moderator David Robertson said, ‘This kind of reporting shows British journalism at its very worst. The theological illiteracy in the various reports shines through in a depressing fashion. None of the journalists even bothered to ask what kind of creationist Dan Walker may be. They don’t seem to be aware that every single Christian, Muslim and Jew who actually believes in God is a creationist. ‘The mockery, faux pas outrage and inevitable social media abuse that follows this type of journalism, is no joke…Let us pray that we would get a more serious, intelligent and balanced news presentation than this kind of prejudiced, trivial and ignorant drivel.’