Based on the popular Christianity magazine column, Am I Missing Something? written by Ruth Roberts, looks at Christianity through the eyes of a new believer. The book adds to the articles that Ruth wrote each month for three years, expands on her past and includes letters to her father about the challenges, and joys of trying to live a faith-filled life.

To celebrate the release of the book, we set you the challenge of writing your own piece of flash fiction (of 100 words or less) on the theme of 'New to Church'.
After whittling down the many entries we received, we are pleased to announce the winners of the competition are: Karen Money, Rob Chidley and Jon Piper. Each have won a copy of Am I Missing Something? and a year's subscription to Christianity magazine.

Here are the winning entries, for you to enjoy!

With equal amounts of gusto and saliva, the retired moustache next to me plants a big moist smacker on my right cheek. He's sharing peace, apparently. As I did for a tissue in my coat pocket, I bump elbows with the ditsy looking hippy sort to my left. She's immersed in a symmetrical 'shimmy to the side' shuffle. As the loud music intensifies so do her flailing arm movements. I've stumbled into river dance. Later in the prayer time, I'm unexpectedly overwhelmed. I shake with silent sobs. My oddball neighbours notice and quietly kneel beside me for the duration.
Karen Money

The sinner sat on the other sinner's pew.
Nobody said anything. It didn't happen again.
(An homage to John le Carré)
Rob Chidley

On Wednesday, I bought the Telegraph, not the Guardian (remove scent of secularism). On Thursday I wore a brown shirt (just felt right) and closed my eyes on the train (accidentally fell asleep) (missed stop). On Friday, I avoided all comedy panel shows and read a book (skipped sex scenes, frowned at bad language).
On Saturday, I worried. Are men allowed to accompany each other? Isn't it a bit…metrosexual?
This morning, we were met at church by a man with a flaccid handshake. Panic over.
Jon Piper