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    When a stripper came to church


    Source: Steve Hamblin / Alamy Stock Photo Back in the wonderful days when I had hair, Larry was my hairdresser. He used to do a fine job with my copious mop. Sadly, the passing of time means the mop became a stranded peninsula, and what used to ...

  • Lucy-May-23
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    Better than fire


    Writing ahead of Pentecost Sunday, Lucy Peppiatt says the greatest gift the early Church received was not signs and wonders, but a fresh revelation of the love of God

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    Jeff Lucas: ‘A night intruder tried to break into my house’


    Night intruders are usually experts in stealth. They silently tiptoe through the shadows, eager to break and enter without detection. But when an uninvited visitor recently stopped by our home at 3am, he loudly announced his arrival. I woke up with an adrenaline-fuelled start. Why on earth ...

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    From attempted suicide to saving souls


    Jay Lowder was seconds away from ending his life when an unexpected interruption, followed by a dramatic revelation of Jesus’ love for him, changed everything

  • Brittni De La Mora

    How Jesus rescued me from a life in porn


    Brittni De La Mora was one of the porn industry’s biggest stars. Through a series of divine events, she began to encounter the love of God and now leads a ministry to the sex industry