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    Does Lewis Capaldi do God?


    While Lewis Capaldi’s life gets regularly picked apart in the media, the biblical references in his lyrics are routinely overlooked. Whether or not the pop star has a faith in Christ, the use of Christian imagery in his work demonstrates the enduring power of the greatest story ever told, says Josh Hinton

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    5 surprising spiritual lessons from taking my family to Glastonbury


    Despite loving live music and a good party, Emma Fowle had always been reticent about attending a large-scale secular music festival. But when she finally took the plunge – aged 46 and with her two teenage daughters - she was unprepared to be so deeply impacted

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    The Christian faith of Kendrick Lamar


    Rap superstar Kendrick Lamar closed Glastonbury with a controversial set that saw him wear a crown of thorns and protest against the loss of abortion rights in the US. But what should Christians make of him, and his faith? Tim Bechervaise explores

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    A church at Glastonbury? You’d better believe it!


    Some Christians view Glastonbury as the antithesis of everything holy. On the contrary, this temporary city of half a million people reflects the joy of all God’s creation, as well being as a huge opportunity to show Christ’s love